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Glare-Free High-End Downlight

Product recommend
  • MR11-301A, MGU10-2604, MGU10-304/D
  • TLE-151
  • SG120-M1006
  • FFL/B-25W
  • SKIT-3135
  • OL-78, OL-118
  • Product Details


Glare-Free High-End Downlight


20W   1600lm  


- Minimal size and maximum light plus excellent shading design, providing strong light beam but glare free, suitable for high-end use

- With a thin edge design, LookDownTM is surely to be seen in terms of light output but the fixture remains well hidden within the architectural structure

- 3000K and 4000K with high CRI (Ra 90), satisfying high-end requirement

- Aluminium body with perfect finish plus better heat dissipation

- Optional dimming function, dimming range from 10% to 100%