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CE Lighting Ltd.
Lighting House,
Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park,
Shenzhen, China.
T +86(755) 2698 9999
F +86(755) 2698 9900
E cel@landlite.com
CEL Factory Address: No.4 Building, tangtou No.3 industrial zone, shi yan zhen,
Bao an district, Shenzhen

We are a Manufacturing Distributor, a professional company, and in this form, one of few in China.
We have our own innovative products that reach all World Market.
There are dedicated Sales Teams, you have the same people to talk to, and understand you.
We have in-house Research and Development, full QA Laboratories, Packaging Design, expert packing and shipment, and the market knowledge to help you.

Energy conservation and low power consumption,rf module avoid wiring.