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Tomorrow LED Today

Tomorrow LED Today, opened in 2009, is the first real-scene space customized for LED lighting solutions in China. Here every single item from concept, design, production to installation are completely made by CE Lighting. It has 30 scenes in total 720m2 with various applications in general and decorative LED lighting, and shows CEL‘s vision and achievements of LED lighting in the past 12 years that brings you a brand new visual experience --- Today’s Lighting, Tomorrow‘s Creation.

Data of Tomorrow LED Today
 - 720m2 in area
 - 30 scenes
 - 72 models of LED fittings
 - 5 models of CFL fittings
 - 14 models of LED lamps
 - 5 models of CFL lamps
 - Lighting power: 3250W
 - Power density: 4.5W/m2

Welcome Hall
Warmly welcome by 21 languages with colorful lights on

Colorful Antique Coin
Perfect combination of LED and magic colors, foreshowing the bright future of LED

Lighting House Lobby
Trend-leading but simple designed

Design Studio
A creative, environmental-friendly and inspiring space

Reading Area
Wireless UpDownTM LED lights create comfortable reading environment

LED makes displays alive

Show Case
Expression of Tomorrow LED Today

Vault Corridor                                                                                           Lighting Square
LED beams make the plain corridor a unique style                          Magic LEDs make you touch the future here

Outdoor Leisure Area
LED decorates your happy hour

Mini Pub
Coloring and shadows create the relaxing and romantic atmosphere

Original Salon
Diverse ladder lights inspire various originalities

Energy conservation and low power consumption,rf module avoid wiring.