BackupSMATM    Anti-Blackout  Loop-in/out Downlights

  • This BackupSMATM , a new concept from Landlite, act as a general light, but can step-up during power outage, providing emergency lighting up to 120min for extra safety, ideal for homes and public areas
  • Integrated design, built-in IC and rechargeable battery, easy to use ,easy-wiring terminal box for easy installation, and detachable faces in 2 shapes and 2 colors for reducing inventory cost 
  • Adjustable light head for different uses 
  • PC body with metallic structure inside for better heat dissipation
  • Optional dimming function, dimming range from 10% to 100%  
  • Model: DL/TP-S7W
  • Power:  7W
  • Beam angle: 38°



  • Energy conservation and low power consumption,rf module avoid wiring.