WallFootTM 1.2W/1.5W    Ultra-Thin Foot Light with MW Sensor

Extremely thin body integrated microwave sensor for automatic on/off and energy saving purpose, perfect for wall/step light indoor or semi-outer

  • Indirect lighting design for soft light
  • Easy to install on the wall by use of standard electrical bottom cases of either American or European
  • Adaptive voltage of 100-240V for worldwide use


Model PCL-2602 PCL-2604
Operating Voltage 100-240V
Power 1.2W 1.5W
Luminous flux 30lm 60lm
Dimensions 70*50*11.5mm 90*120*15mm
IP rating IP65
Remarks: The versions without built-in MW sensor available.



  • Energy conservation and low power consumption,rf module avoid wiring.